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Pirelli DIABLO STRADA 160/60 ZR17 TL (69W) Rear wheel, M/C


160/60 ZR17 TL (69W) Rear wheel, M/C

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160/60 ZR17 TL (69W) Rear wheel, M/C  Değişiklik 
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(W): kadar onaylandı up to over 271 km/h
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List price*   TL 118,50
TL 92,20

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This latest introduction extends the Diablo family performance levels to the everyday rider, who enjoys travelling without compromising sports riding enjoyment along the way. Diablo Strada provides all the riding precision, control and high speed stability any rider needs, plus an injection of the all important X - factor - sheer riding pleasure.

New High Grip High Mileage Compound
Instant warm up even in low temperatures, together with exceptional feedback and feel, ensures the rider can react to unexpected changes in conditions immediately for more security and performance on every day roads. Throughout the tyre life Diablo Strada is dependable and consistent even when ridden hard and under load.
Aggressive Tread Pattern
Cuts through water, minimises dispersal and provides constant traction whatever the weather. Designed with an optimum ratio between tread blocks to minimise tyre wear, even with sporty riding.
Zero Degree Steel Belt
For less deformation even under full load with a passenger, ensuring the footprint is more regular and delivers more traction whatever the lean angle. Our racing and sports tyre developments have given Diablo Strada an improved geometry, making cornering more precise and stable, and every change of direction immediate.
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